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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My old truck

I just took my 1969 Chevy pickup truck out for its monthly spin.
Long narrow bed, straight six, 4 in the floor, looks like Tom Joad paint...old new Mexico highway dept orange with peeling paint...little rust, 44,000 original miles, good tires. A gift from my uncle in Santa Fe. He bought it at auction several years ago and drove it to Texas and back a few time and used it as a camper. I drove it here from Santa Fe a couple of years ago. Air conditioning is having the windows down and vents open. 70 mph no problem.

It's like me...a few dents, a little rust, headliner is getting thin, headlights are a little dim, it's missing a few parts, exhaust is sometimes noisy, windshield is a little cloudy, but the radiator doesn't leak and drains well, the fuel gauge is broken so if you're not careful you can run out of gas. Battery is strong. You have to choke it to get it started after it's been asleep a while. It has got good tires and covers long distances well, but doesn't like stop and go driving. Not very good mileage, but who cares...it's macho and redneck rolled into one. People notice that I-don't-care-attitude, but know quality when they see it. It ain't fancy, but the body is solid, heavy metal--has a certain charm to it. It could be restored to look fancy, but it'd cost a whole lot. It may look old, but goose it and boy can it go. Lottsa torc!

Anyone want to buy it? (The truck)

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  1. I just noticed this entry, thanks to "you might also like."
    From a gearhead, that is a sweet truck. What's the engine?
    The '67 to '72 Chevys are pretty desirable and I bet you'd be surprised what you could get for it. Even better, I had my old Firebird restored at a local place that mainly fixes up trucks into show worthy art pieces. If you're ever interested, look up Custom Concepts in Moore. :)