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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Midnight rap at Ludivine

Rapping away
Last Friday I got to offer the weekly Midnight Toast at the bar at the great restaurant Ludivine.
Thanks to their social media guru Jenny Grigsby who spoke to my last Twitter in Media class in May #clarkclass. I'm pleased some of those class members attended.

Here's the toast.
Midnight rap
ain't no trap
bomb diggity bomb diggity bomb diggity bo
Just a toast , not a roast
were the food's divine
at Ludivine
Where Grigsby Jenny
Earns every penny
bomb diggety bomb diggety bomb diggity bo
If you need to take a dump
Just be sure to name it Trump
so here's to my students
including the rudents
some are prudent
others just coolant
It's go go go
bomb diggity bomb diggity bomb diggity bo
Don't want curds
just some words
not a link
just another drink
bomb diggity bomb diggity bomb biggity bo
so here's to you
from Clark in the dark
with just a little snark

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