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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pianos and Paintings, a unique occurrence

"Mountain Cabin" and "Mountain Church"
"Prairie Throne"
Something unique has occurred in my creative life with watercolor painting this week, and it may be unique in Oklahoma City in music too.
Thanks to friends, contacts, new acquaintances and unusual circumstances, paintings and pianos are "paired" here in Edmond.
Sixteen of my watercolors are on display at Bruce Piano Gallery at 3722 N. Lincoln Blvd., just north of Memorial Road, and the store is open from 10 to 6 M-F, and 1-5 on Saturdays. 
Yes, they're all for sale as are all the beautiful pianos. And you could buy them together, of course.
The idea is the brainchild of Jordan Bruce, the store owner, who told a customer, my friend Ted Streuli, he would like art on the walls of his gallery. Ted mentioned it to me, and it has happened.
I'm  really stunned for a couple of reasons. First, that my art is good enough to be liked and shown in this setting of beautiful musical instruments, works of art themselves. And even more humbling is my obvious inferiority and ignorance about music, one of my life-long regrets. At least I've atoned for that somewhat because all my children have had musical training and ability.
So I know it's ironic that my art is on display here. 
I hope you'll drop in and see them. The pianos make it look better, classier, than it ever has. And Jordan is kind enough to say the paintings help the pianos. And just entering that gallery and walking among the beautiful pianos  makes me want to take piano lessons and buy a piano.
"Oklahoma Barn" and "Oklahoma November"
"Thirsty Country," "Taos Pueblo" and "Oklahoma Skyscrapers"

"Oklahoma Skies" and "Rainy Day"
"Mountain Home" and "Homestead Morning"
"Winter Solstice" and "Waiting for Rain"
"Gate to High Lonesome"

"Santa Fe Window"


  1. Very impressive Dr. Clark. I so want a piano.... I sold mine many years ago and have never replaced it, this is on my bucket list. But I am blessed to have many TM Clark watercolors.

  2. Amazing, if I get to Edmond I'll have to go check it out.