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Friday, September 11, 2020

Camping weather

"Camping Weather, 5 x 7 watercolor card
How long since you've camped out?

For me, too long, and this cool weather brings back the memories...and the urge.

A couple of weeks ago, I rummaged through my camping gear stored in one of those plastic lock top bins in the garage.

Sleeping bag, Coleman stove, tent, hatchet, utensils, instant oatmeal, coffee, a few pots and pans..all with histories of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico or other places.

Then I drove through a park  near Arcadia Lake, looking for prospective campsites. 

Thus today's watercolor, another birthday card for someone special this month, done quickly from the heart. 

Thankful for the childhood memories of sitting around a campfire, huddled against the night chill, as the full moon rises  over the Manzano Mountains, a big tent nearby, enjoying camping weather.  

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