"When dawn spreads its paintbrush on the plain, spilling purple... ," Songs of the Pioneers song from TV show "Wagon Train." Dawn on the mythic Santa Fe Trail, New Mexico, looking toward Raton from Cimarron. -- Clarkphoto. A curmudgeon's old-fashioned newspaper column, cross-breeding watercolor, metaphors and journalism, for readers in more than 150 countries.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Watercolor--9 x 12
140 # Kilimanjaro paper


  1. Great composition. One house, two mts, three birds, fence separating foreground from back ground - love the position of the trees. My mind drifts behind the stand of trees on the right side...another house? horses? Perfect color scheme for subject. Really wonderful work, Terry.

    Hey...Are you up to your knees in snow over there??? Not a single flake here...of the snow variety, anyway!! :O

  2. Most of the flakes are in Tennessee at the tea party convention.

    Snow almost gone, maybe a little tomorrow

    thanks...after Anger, I needed something and while it's not quite what I envisioned...they never are...it's close. Another house? Interesting. I think I'm in my "cabin" period, but that may be getting hackneyed

  3. Good watercolor paintings can never get hackneyed - no matter what the subject. I like that "cabin period."

    As for the tea-bagger flakes - "you betcha" - to coin a phrase.