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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday meandering

The dew lies heavy on the grass this morning, before the sun rises. In mid-September, the leaves on the oak and black jack still have not begin to change, except for those long dead in the summer heat. There's no wind, and light cloud cover  colors the skies a quiet Confederate grey.
Silence is the main sound for a walk in Hafer Park. Yes, there's the muffled rumble of pre-rush hour traffic, and the moan of a diesel locomotive two miles distant, but only a few people venture onto the paths. The deeper in the woods you get, the more hushed the human sounds, the more you hear the chirp of a Robin or the call of a Cardinal. At the pond the ducks are stirring and muttering a little, but not in the raucous manner of the afternoon.
It's a great time to walk and think, to look at the leaves and the few remaining flowers, to see the seeds on the weeds and grasses.
A  couple of older joggers go by, nodding as they pass. A young woman with blond pony tail swishing from side to side breezes past, lost in an iPod and thoughts. The few walkers include men and women with dogs on leashes, out for a morning walk--a bulldog, a couple with labs, a few others. The dog people make eye contact and say "Good morning."
It is indeed.

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  1. Nothing like a morning walk in the woods to clear your head out.

    Hafer Park is awesome. SPB loved the playgrounds there when we lived in Edmond briefly 12 years ago.

    We went on a geocaching expedition there back in July but called it quits when son got a little overheated. We'll be back.