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Friday, February 15, 2013

Poetry of punctuation and the moon

Poets say things much more briefly and vividly than most of us, even journalists trained in brevity.
"Old Mossy Moon"
So it is with my blog friend, digital cousin K. Lawson Gilbert of Pennsylvania, who has reminded me of a poem she once wrote, kin to my recent sermons on punctuation. She also noted that she, like me, uses dashes, just as poet Emily Dickinson did.
She and I have traded poems and paintings and thoughts for the past three years, after chance meeting somehow on this blogosphere we call home. One of her poems appears in my right sidebar, "Meditation," written after she saw my watercolor "Silence"  just above it.
It's gently snowing tonight where she lives, and she posted on Facebook a painting I had sent her, inspired by the title of her blog, "Old Mossy Moon."   I am always astounded at her poetry as it brings images and deep feelings I only wish I might approach in panting or writing.
Be sure to check her blog, "Old Mossy Moon." http://oldmossymoon.blogspot.com/

Here is her punctuation poem:

across the pond stood 
a paragraph of trees 
punctuated by commas 
of birds resting there
just long enough
to make me pause

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