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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who reads this blog, and why, around the world?

                 Who reads a blog like this? The evolution and progress of Coffee with Clark has  astounded me for four reasons.  
First, of the millions of blogs in the world, few continue as long as this one, now approaching four years with fairly regular postings.
Second, since it's not a "niche" blog, and doesn't have a huge official following, it still has attracted an international audience. I would love to know about the people, beyond the United States,  who read it in those 84 other countries on six of the seven continents around the world where my stats show they are. I wish my stats also showed where most of my readers were state-by-state, but so far that hasn't happened. Google stats do show me almost 65,000 hits and which posts are most popular, and a number of other things, but I'd like to know more.
Third, when I look back at my postings, I'm amazed at how much I've learned and how the blog has evolved over the years. I'm still learning--and have to since I teach a class "Blogging for Journalists" at UCO every semester. The pressure is on.  Of course my students often teach me as much as I do them. 
Fourth, the amount of new online resource material available on blogging, plus news stories and more about the impact of blogging continues to grow. One highlight of the past years was winning the "Best Writing" award in the state, my first year. Then they quit having the contest. 
I do know there will be more change in the future as the "blogosphere" continues to explode and change, almost every minute, much like our physical universe.  You need to read Technorati's "State of the Blogosphere" to put all this in perspective, and to see the multitude or blogs, and the world leaders. technorati.com  In the near future I hope, I'll be changing to Wordpress from Blogspot, but I'll continue a couple of other teaching blogs in Blogspot because it's easier to teach. If I could find my "niche," maybe I could make money at this, but I don't fit into niches very easily.
So here, from Google stats, are the countries where by readers come from, in no particular order, but I've arranged them by continents.
  • Africa--Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Gabon, South Africa, Mali, Morocco, 
  • Asia--Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Armenia 
  • Caribbean and Central America--Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico
  • Europe--Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Estonia, Belgium, Macedonia(FYROM), Portugal, Estonia, Monaco
  • Mideast--Saudia Arabia, UAE, Israel, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Cyprus  
  • North America--US, Canada, Mexico
  • South America--Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru
  • Oceania--Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand
For the record, most readers come from the United States. Here's the top ten countries for readers and the number of hits in the past four years. 
United States
United Kingdom

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