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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Boogie at the farmer's market

Going to a farmer's market is always a treat, both for good food, and for the sights, sounds and stories you can imagine or hear. It just got better in Edmond, with live music. I didn't catch the name of this local group, but there was bluegrass galore, and a great banjo.
Then you wander through the stalls, picking tomatoes and peaches and cantaloupes. I love the sounds and poetry of the names of the towns...Dibble, Porter, Newcastle, Blanchard, Rush Springs, Temple.
We'd be a lot healthier if we could just go to market like this every day, and prepare an evening meal with whatever was available.
You get more in contact with nature attending as well. On e week there is sweet corn, but not the next. Blueberries come and go, as do melons, squash, cucumbers. Though there is produce here from Texas and Kansas, I try to buy Oklahoma produce. I prefer Porter peaches, homegrown tomatoes, farm fresh eggs.
What a feast for all five senses--sight for the bright colors of the produce, hearing for the music and conversation, smell for the odors of fresh cantaloupe, touch for feeling the peaches to make sure they're ready, taste for the samples.
As my Daddy used to say, "Larrapin' Good."

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