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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday "stroll"

Sunday  stroll, 4" by 5 " watercolor, 140# d'Arches
How long since you've "strolled" anywhere? Out in the woods on a fall day? Across a springtime pasture? On a rural path in the summertime?
Such a pretty word. It means a leisurely walk, first used in English very late 1500s, perhaps from German. Even the word is leisurely, calming, in our fast-paced world.
No wonder we don't stroll very often--when we're not speeding in a car, we exercise on a treadmill, jog, pedal. If we do walk, we're usually in a hurry to get from one form of transportation to a meeting or something. The rare times we do slow down and explore our senses and the world around us--do they not bring back good memories?
I guess these are just thoughts strolling through my mind, as I practiced painting a family out for a Sunday "stroll."

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