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Saturday, February 11, 2017

"What do you teach?"-an itinerary of years and 40-plus different courses-I

"What do you teach?" is a common question when people learn I'm a professor.
Years go, training to be a professor
If I say "journalism," they get a blank or sorrowful look on their faces, because they think of dying newspapers.
I usually respond with something like, "Well, on good days..." which gets a laugh.
I never say I teach communications, or God and Allah forbid, "Media."
I've been fortunate to be a former weekly newspaper man, because that wide experience has enabled me to teach in many areas, and to always try to meet change, which was constant, even back when I owned the Waurika News-Democrat  with Don Morrison from 1974 to 1986.
So these days I tell them I teach subjects like writing and digital media, without trying to bore them.
I  avoid the snooty remark, "I teach students,"  which is also egotistical. I try to teach students, but that has nothing to do with an obsolete textbook or standing behind a lectern.
As I approach retirement in 10 weeks,  I started making a list of all the courses I've taught since I started at OSU 31 years ago, before coming to UCO 27 years ago.
At OSU we taught two courses a semester, and at UCO, anywhere from four to three to two, depending on the years.
It's interesting to me that what I've taught, and the way I teach has radically changed over the years, especially with the advent of computers and the Internet.
I'm not sure I can remember all the courses, but to my best recollection, there were five or six different classes at OSU.
At UCO, I think it has been a whopping 44 or 45.

So, what have I taught? List and memories next.

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