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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Retirement Reverie--5B--My UCO Colleagues

At the retirement reception, I didn't get to greet everyone there, or talk much in the blur of the crowd and activity, and I wish there'd been more time to get photos with everyone. Here are more of my UCO colleagues who have helped make my life a success and joy.
First photo is with friend, former dean and vice president Gary Steward who presented the obligatory Old North photo, the Regents proclamation, and as important to me, his praise for me not being afraid of taking  on the administration at various times. 
Second is with Charlie Johnson, now in charge of University Relations--with Mark Hanebutt and son Travis in background. We're laughing at our standing joke. When I first met Charlie, I said, "I hate broadcasters." He responded, "I hate print people." Now we both agree, the world has indeed changed. 
We're all in the same digital boat.
Chemistry prof Cheryl Frech, and sister Lynne Baldwin Matzell,  my OSU alum
Fred Groz, retired, who my daughter Dallas worked for years ago

David Duty and Joe Hight
Mark Scott, Sumps in the background
Moose Tyler, and Sherry Johnson
Former chairs-Steve Garrison, Dave Ford and Fred Groz--I squint a lot
Jeff Hagy
My chair, Mary Carver
Just a faculty member  honored that President Betz came.

Friend Mark Hanebutt telling stories

Friends David Lowry of OC and Robin and Donna Acker

Sandy Martin, Jill Lambeth at table, Bill Hickman in green, the Kelseys and Sherri Johnson
Joking about "The  Paper," David Duty, Jeff Hagy, Mark Zimmerman, the Sumps

This is about it, a few  more photos and a link coming in next post--obviously this becomes my digital archive.

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