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Friday, October 9, 2015

Making Oklahoma great again--time to build a wall

It’s time to build a wall around Oklahoma.

The rapid moral decline of the United States and influx of foreigners and people from other states is infecting our state, threatening the “Oklahoma standard,” and endangering our safety.

It's time to make Oklahoma great again.

Building the wall is the key objective of  important steps in restoring our conservative, God-fearing values, cutting taxes and rewarding those who improve the economy as we stop coddling those who don’t contribute to the Greatness of Oklahoma.  We must do away with expensive socialist public education for all children while we make sure the curriculum helps promote Oklahoma values through the Great Oklahoma Education Act, severely limit those who can go to college and reduce the degree programs and cut the number of colleges to one, make sure all people go to right-thinking churches every week, and eliminate our wasteful so-called two-party political system.

Building a wall that is ten feet tall and topped with high voltage razor wire will prohibit unwanted persons from entering Oklahoma. Only people who are citizens of Oklahoma will be allowed to live here, with the exception of personnel at the military bases, who will be granted temporary visas to enjoy the Greatness of Oklahoma. 

The wall will have only six gates, at the six Interstate  entrances to the state.  To beautify the inside of the wall and enhance the education and morality of all residents, the Ten Commandments will be printed in large type every 50 feet, helping insure the Greatness of Oklahoma.

Armed guards will only admit those necessary trucks and trains bringing food supplies and other necessities. Each vehicle will be issued a temporary visa, and pay a hefty fee for the privilege of entering. These fees will make all corporate taxes and income taxes on higher incomes unnecessary, since those are the keys to the Greatness of Oklahoma. Unfortunate non-Oklahomans who wish to visit friends and family here will  be granted temporary visas also after background checks  show their beliefs comply with the "Oklahoma standard."

Building the wall, and providing trained gate guards, will be financed by the millions of dollars saved by the Great Oklahoma Education Act, which will eliminate most teachers, educational administrators,  professors, high schools and  colleges. The unnecessary "educators" will be given first choice as gate guards since they have related experience, and the minimum wage jobs will provide more tax savings for the Greatness of Oklahoma.

In additional savings, the Oklahoma Panhandle is a security risk because of its remoteness and questionable economic value to the Greatness of Oklahoma. Instead of building a wall around it, the Panhandle will be de-annexed. Residents there don’t much like the rest of Oklahoma anyway, so they’ll be free to go their way independently or associate with the decadent adjoining states.

The wall will be the key in protecting Oklahoma from dangerous  ideas, science,  and people. The Great Oklahoma Education Reform Act will make all of this possible and insure we make Oklahoma great again.

Next, "Public" school isn't for everyone.

  (Satire, with appreciation  to Aldous Huxley and Donald Trump)

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