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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A year's story begins, a day at a time

A walk in Hafer Park today sets me to thinking. If I did this every day for a year, I'd have walked 730 miles by Dec. 31, 2014. And if I took a photo every trip, I'd have quite an album of ordinary things, consuming storage on my computer.
But today was blustery and cold. Few people were out. There will be days when it will be snowing, or icing, or raining, or threatening. There will be days when I'm out of town.
I know this though, if some higher power would guarantee me another year of life if I did walk it every day, I would. But there ain't no 730-more-mile guarantee on this 1944 model.
Anyway, I took two photos today, of a tree stump and a diseased tree, both of which hint at continuing life. Some lovers sat down and carved their names into the stump. Some bug bored a hole through a pasting designed to keep bugs out of a diseased tree. There is a future. These have been enhanced on the computer, because there was no sun for contrast.
This reminds me of the remarkable accomplishment of friend and colleague Mark Zimmerman, who took one second videos every day last year, and pasted them together. 
It's quite a project (warning, one second involves me).
Here are Mark's Facebook comments:

"Each day in 2013 I recorded one second of video. Never thought I would make it to today. 
Some observations on this project-
1. The easiest month was the first
2. The hardest month was the last
3. Had a few technical difficulties (I lost 3 videos throughout the year)
4. If you want to see a much better every day project, see by brother-in-law's Everyday People here
5. I hate "selfies" - but I did a few.
6. The majority of my subjects are my cameras, my pets, and my family (not listed in order of importance).
7. I am ready to have my iPhone storage space back.
8. I lead a pretty boring life (but I am ok with that).
I used an APP called One Second Everyday http://1secondeveryday.com/"

Here is Mark's fascinating journey through 2013, one second at a time, for 365 days. Enjoy

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