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Monday, January 13, 2014

Taking an 'F' to the top of twitter

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"Dr. Clark gave me the only 'F' I ever got in college," said Rob Crissinger, @rcrissinger, speaking on the last day of the twitter for journalists intersession class Friday.
He was smiling when he said it--in fact he smiles all the time he's talking--and the students looked astounded. Here was this enthusiastic, with-it young looking 40-year-old entertainment PR guy wowing them with stories and advice.
I'd forgotten about it, but Rob explained he'd turned in first person writing in my feature writing class when it called for third person. He said I gave him a chance to revise it. He went home, decided not to and took the 'F.'" And aced the course.
He was one of those "older' students, going back to college after bouncing around doing different things.
And after graduating, bouncing around from one PR job and location to another, he's got the job he loves doing PR for arts and entertainment in OKC for Bumbershoot PR @Bumbershoot PR. Accounts include the Plaza District, among many more.
He came in nervously, sat down, and loosened up, chatting with the class about twitter, PR, music and more. Smiles and laughter and questions followed in quick order. He was a walking quote machine.
He said graduating from UCO was an advantage because city media and PR is dominated by UCO grads.
What really impressed me was the two-page list of OKC twitter uses he passed out to the class. The night before, he sat down, put on his headphones, and started typing off the top of his head who you should follow in OKC. The list is golden, (and includes three previous speakers @MyJRNY, @HeideWrite, @jdavehrea, and I'll share more of it later.
In our debriefing, with Rob sitting in, here is what the students said made the biggest impressions.

  • The people using twitter effectively are #winning
  • You have to have an edge to dominate
  • I want OKC to be a place I never want to leave 
  • Doing what you love, you can’t put a price tag on it.
  • Re-invent and adapt
  • Make a list of people to get to know
  • Know people who are in your pond. Swim fishy swim.
  • LOVE your town, love OKC.
  • Tell your boss to hire you, be risky. Create your own job
  • Be versatile in your work, work with many different groups.
  • Write relevant things on twitter and people will follow you
  • Don’t be afraid to go someplace new and learn things the hard way.
  • Someone young can be relevant on twitter, it’s so easy
  • Take risks and then you can have the reward of a great career.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the new person, adapt and enjoy yourself.
  • “We’re all scared, but WHO CARES? Have the willingness to be scared but still do what you need to do.”
  • Don’t be so interested in yourself, but yet be interested in others.
  • Really listen to what others are saying.
  • Twitter is his number 1 social media.
  • The phone is everything. (Only using laptop to send out releases)
  • If everything comes easy, you don’t get the edge to dominate.
  • Go with the flow and you’ll just be mediocre.
  • Don’t put a price tag on what you love doing everyday.
  • The fact that we have an advantage graduating from UCO in OKC because we know people, we are connected. This made all the May graduates feel so much better!

You can see many more student comments about Rob by searching  #clarkclass on twitter.

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