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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Swamped with transcending twitter ideas

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My twitter for journalists class climaxed (I can think of no better word) with the ideas and enthusiasm of the last two speakers, Desiree Hill @dezhill and Rob Crissinger @rcrissinger.
I scrawled more than eight pages of notes from Desiree, a former broadcast journalist who is now my colleague and advisor for our student broadcasts. Then Rob, a former student and Oklahoma City entertainment PR guru with Bumbershoot PR @Bumbershoot PR, kept me writing too.
I'm still digesting and will have more to write soon based on their thoughts, but I came home literally exhausted by their energy, enthusiasm, ideas.
"This class transcends twitter--it's about life"
"This class transcends twitter, it's about life," I told the students earlier, and these last two speakers added exclamation points to that. I've never taught a class where there was so much life-practical learning and advice.  In fact, the class has literally exploded with possibilities, as has twitter. More on that later too.
She based much of her comments on research she's done on broadcast stations in Tulsa, and continues to explore how twitter is evolving.
But first, here are the debriefing comments from the students about what they learned from Desiree, transcribed by student Lacey Rhodes @laceymrhodes.
   •    Don’t settle for what's coming down the pike; keep your mind open to other things.
    •    Be real, don’t try to be someone you’re not online.
    •    The traditional media is trying to use the new media in traditional ways and should be using it in new ways.
    •    Twitter should be included in the newsroom meetings.
    •    Humor is subjective, so be careful.
    •    Less can be more.
    •    Build your niche.
    •    All experiences are unique so be the eyes and ears for the world.
    •    Use twitter to communicate with other journalists, and build accountability.
    •    Be specific.
    •    Don’t tweet things that are already out there.
    •    Separate yourself from the average person.
    •    The newsrooms that used twitter during the national disasters were being helpful.
    •    Evolve with technology.
    •    Be relevant to your followers and your audience.
    •    Twitter is the new reality, you have to stay constant.
    •    Don’t tweet the same things over and over again...your credibility goes down.
    •    The more involved applicant (on social media) gets hired for the job.
    •    If there is smoke there is fire, and there is reason to take notice to the situation.
    •    We are the inventors.
    •    You give up some of your image when you get hired, because you represent the organization.
    •    Setting your goals before you start tweeting.

You can see many more student comments by searching @okieprof and #clarkclass

Next post--Comments from Rob Crissinger 

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  1. I'm fascinated by your twitter posts. A lot of our younger people at work just don't get it that there can be repurcussions for what they put online. You wouldn't believe what they put out their about their employer and/or supervisor.