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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Flights of imagination: Chess and humor askew

"Shah Matta," 8 by 8 140 lb d'Arches cold press paper
Daily prompts for #worldwatercolormonth push my imagination and watercolors, as with "Playing Games," and "Things that Fly" this weekend.
Chess was the obvious choice yesterday, having played actual games with a long time friend, and also because I just didn't want to paint a knight. Thus "Shah Matta," (Persian for "The King is Dead," hence "Check mate"). So with apologies and homage to Picasso and Dali, I tried something new.
More abstract is on the month's horizon.
"Smiley," 5 x 7 140 lb. Fabriano Artisitco cold press paper
And today, after considering kites, and owls and pterodactyls,  let's just bend it a little more. Thus a real flight of the imagination. 
Tomorrow? "Climbing Mountains."

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