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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Watercolor Pushing, Cezanne and Color

"Delicious Food" and "Primary Colors." Push yourself, said my wife Susan of the #WorldWatercolorMonth daily challenges for July 2 and 3.
Homage to Cezanne, 5 x 7
Aware of my limitations, cornbread came to mind, but then I thought about apples. But one apple isn't enough and doesn't push. Colored balloons was my other first thought, but that wouldn't push me either.
Don't Brush Me Off, 5 x 7
Apples. Then I thought of my favorite artist, Paul Cezanne, and his revolutionary still lifes. Searching those paintings, I tried to approach his vision and technique. Not quite, but I learned.
Primarily colors--Susan suggested paint brushes. They didn't take long to paint, though I mulled composition and ideas for several disjointed hours yesterday and this morning. 
Tomorrow's prompt is "Family Moments." Gotta think about that. We'll see.

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