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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Light and life--lessons

"Early Risers," 8 x 10, 140 lb. d'Arches cold press paper
Light and life. Two days' watercolor prompts spring from somewhere inside, after a  failure Sunday.
"Light and Luminous" was yesterday, and today was "Beautiful Blooms." 
Lessons? Tried painting "Mountain Climbing" Sunday and turned out a soulless piece with a person standing on a peak, but it had no feeling, no Terry Clark who loves mountains deep in his soul.  Depressing.
Yesterday's was a challenge, but with Susan's suggestion, I found humanity and some success in "Early Risers," the first decent 8 x 10 I've done in a while. It helps that it was on good d'Arches paper. Maybe it should be titled "Can you smell the coffee?"
"Happiness," 5 x 7 Fabriano Artistico cp
I dreaded today's subject, because while I love flowers, I hate painting them. Never been good at them because I'm too detail oriented.
After two failed attempts, I remembered from my DIY art school readings and more, "Paint shapes, not lines," and "paint what you feel, not see."
So here came "Happiness," sunflowers, the face and symbol of happiness, and life from the sun--and it's impressionistic too.
Tomorrow? Forest Animals. Can I do a decent Grizz?  Hope so. Maybe the roadrunner I saw today will help.

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