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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The green leaves of summer in a season of death

"The Green Leaves of Summer," 8 x 10 140 lb. cold press paper
Summer is only a month away, by the calendar, but in this spring season of pandemic pandemonium, it seems closer, as the days lengthen, the air gets warmer, and especially as the world turns treen.
A time of planting, of reaping, of loving, of living...something we yearn more for everyday....hope, home, sanity amid the gloom, and the virus of insanity and anger and  hatred and craziness that has mutated from the biologic virus...and just as deadly to the human fabric of spirit and civilization.
Yes, I'm reminded of the need for color as an antidote to all of this, and especially in this spring, as the trees have filled out, the wheat ripening, the lawns turned lush, of a certain song.
"The Green Leaves of Summer" was the theme song for the old move The Alamo, but it catches the spirit of being alive in a season of death:
"The green leaves of Summer are callin' me home.
'Twas so good to be young then, in a season of plenty,..."

So today's watercolor.

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  1. Oh I wish we are going into the cold hand of winter.