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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beans, leaves, poetry and art

This artist, Sam Echols,  at Beans and Leaves on North Penn is painting a former student of mine, Sara Cowan. Many years ago, she game me the Clark's Coffee can you see pictured at the top of the sidebar on this blog, thanking me for believing in her. His portraits line the walls this month and he's doing them for $60 if you're interested. Contact the coffee shop 604-4700 for details.

I saw this as I walked in the door today  for the poetry reading by Ken Hada (see my review http://clarkcoffee.blogspot.com/2012/01/rhythm-of-water-review.html ) and many other poets. There seems to be a growing poet population in the state, along with a creative energy in other art that is blossoming. Appropriate it is in the 100th year of Woody Guthrie.  Even this Jake leg journalist stood up and read two poems, but mine aren't new.

The coffee shop is abuzz with activities including open mic and live music throughout the week, has art hanging on the walls, friendly owners, and is the epitome (Been wanting to use that word) of the changes in Oklahoma City. Thanks to poet and publisher Dorothy Alexander for helping organize this, the first First sunday Poetry Reading, attended by about 30-40 people.

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