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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three brushes

This 11 1/2  inch by 15 inch watercolor by Ron Ranson is part of our art collection. I attended a workshop of his in Taos about six years ago, and had to buy one of his works.  He is known for "Watercolor Fast and Loose," painting  with just three brushes, very few colors. On top of that, he has one eye, and was a technical artist in Britain during WWII. He's since married and moved to the United States.

He's also known for the many books he's written, and his training videos. I've bought most of them, and got him to sign some too. Check his website. http://www.ronranson.com/  I'll admit...I consider this purchase an investment. I've tried painting his way, and am just too uptight to really let go, though when I do, it allows me so much freedom and creativity. I come closest when I'm painting skies or end up going abstract, as with the painting I posted back in February, called "Leaving Home." I've since framed it, and named it "Homecoming."

Tomorrow on the blog...art from Mali

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