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Thursday, January 21, 2010

$45 million to quit? Not funny

$45 million to quit?  I'd quit for 1/45th of that. Maybe 1/90th of that. Maybe 1/180. And you? Does this tell you what's wrong with America's values? Obscene. He may supposed to be a comic, but he and we are really sad. Just because he's a TV "star." How much did you say a first grade teacher makes?

Of course, he "only" gets $33 million.  His 200-member staff gets $12 million. Let's see, that's about $60,000 for each of the poor slobs who made him possible, but who are now out of a job. Not only is he not funny, he's not generous. Lots of money for a little man. He gives the Irish a bad name. 

In fact, he makes us all look bad. America isn't a "Christian" nation (never has been). But we do believe in one god. We worship money.

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