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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In a Taos mood

Eight years ago, at the pueblo, UCO writers and photographers and fellow travelers posed in front of  the centuries old landmark. One of the last study tours I took on fall break. I told the students you travel 500 miles and more than 500 years back in time, and they found out I was right.

Today snow blankets the pueblo and the sacred mountain behind it, but life goes on. These students and travelers are now miles more down the roads of life, some married, some with children, others far away, and others in new adventures.

Do you know who they are?

I can pick out Fawn Porter, Kristen Armstrong, Irish Mock, Tom Isbill,  Cody Vignal, Lieth Laws, Susan Reger, Pam Washington and husband Mike, Mike Sokof, Mark Zimmerman, some whose last names are blurred, like Ryan, Eva, and others whose faces say "I know you."  Help.

That's me and one of the Taos dogs on the end. I'm the one with the frown.


  1. What a fantastic opportunity afforded the travelers in this group. I know it must have been a spiritual journey.

  2. Actually Terry, I didn't go that year. I was at The Edmond Sun.
    Mark Z

  3. Since it's not Mark Zimmerman, two others are Kelly Chambers and Rod Jones, journalers extraordinare

  4. I want to do this over again! Invent time travel, Dr. Clark!