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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Moments of revelation" and birds

Edmond storm, and birds, watercolor, 7" x 10"

That's what Robert Henri writes in his book "The Art Spirit" which I keep in my car and read when I'm waiting on someone, or just want some peace and quiet. It's located, spine up, next to my seat between it and the emergency brake. Henri puts a brake on my busy life and brings me new truths every time I read him. See previous post for details on how you can get it.

I was driving home from UCO this afternoon. Rain was spitting on the windshield. A line of gray clouds moved slowly  and diagonally across the dark horizon, dripping hints of moisture.

I could suddenly see in my mind what it looked like here years ago, without the urban sprawl, just the trees and a lonely road, a cabin of course, and birds awakening my spirit. They were moments of revelation, about myself, others and  nature. Thus the painting. My wife says this is a favorite. Me too.

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