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Thursday, January 28, 2010

To save good journalism COGOB

One usually dedicated and committed journalist was woefully unprepared for the storm...no vodka, booze, etc....after all he's paid dirt wages. I'm astounded at James Coburn's lack of journalism ethics.

I've decided that we need a stimulus package to save good journalism, so I've proposed on Facebook, COJOB.

Clarks' Offer to Journalists in Oklahoma for Booze. Here's how it will work--Susan and I will host it at our house. You gotta pay E10 (Euros), or $15 (American), and list your favorite flavor of beverage. We will buy the beverages and mixers. You will be required to sign a liability release so we're... not blamed for intoxication, defecation, fornication, et. al., when entering Klark's Keep.

Then the royal order of the COJOB will be officially formed, with appropriate toasts and pledge of allegiance. You will be responsible for all damages and designated drivers, etc., as recommended by our anal lawyers (wait, that's redundant). All dues will be spent on booze. I can see the headline: Booze Dues fer Youse.
Date..sometime in March. We need at least 20 of you to commit to the future of The Republic, the Constitution, your constitution, Freedom of the Press, freedom from depression, and quality journalism.
Loyalty oath:

"When in the course of human events and corporate greed, it becomes necessary for all good journalists--or those aspiring thereto--we the citizens with ink under our unwashed nails, believe that there is a direct correlation (that's to impress the academic types) between good booze and good journalism, do hereby solemnly ledge our sacred and not-so-sacred selves to the future of democracy and good booze."
This idea required one glass of red wine (well maybe two), plus some Wellers and Makers on the rocks). See the price of good journalism.

  • Addendum 1: No you may not spend the night
  • Addendum 2: This will increase the quality and "spirituality" of Oklahoma journalism --maybe we should apply for a grant. Or we could call it "The Larry Hammer Hospitality Suite."
  • Addendum 3: Susan has not yet seen this, so as with the Republican Senate, who knows?
  • Addendum 4. Read the fine print, whenever I think of it. You can sign up by email to tmclark44@gmail.com.

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