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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New journeys

Journal thoughts from a year ago...

"The pendulum on the clock behind me
ticks away as it moves back and forth
and time slides away in my life.
The past is gone but forever haunts me,
The future never comes but frightens me
The present is always here and I'm missing it.

The cat on my lap always seems in present tense---
When I'm petting the cat, I'm always in present tense."

Goals for the present?

love, read, paint, be happy, travel, learn, friend,  write, exhibit, sell, enjoy, give, matter, smile, have fun

also--lose weight, exercise; less computer, book a month, Paseo studio, house, grandkids, floss, health, blog, more technologically adept, improve teaching, move beyond chair,

And how did I do? Biggest failures--exercise and weight. Top of the list for this year's present tense.  One of bigggest success was no longer being chair--lasst year at this time I was wondering and counting the days. But not as important as two new granddaughters. Many of the goals from last year continue. More time with grandchildren, family, loved ones. No studio yet in Paseo. Maybe. Blog is a success, personally. More writing and creativity on my blog. Less computer time.  I had two art exhibits and sold some paintings. More experimentation with watercolor, more painting. One a week. Same pattern on reading. Enjoyed and valued some great students. Become a better teacher. Travel, including application for Fulbright fellowship overseas.  Plan for Alaska and British Isles next year. More time on house and yard, including herb garden.  Discovered and rediscovered  friends. Start writing a book. Maybe.  In the sum...less stress, more living.

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  1. I didn't get my New Year's Eve/New Year's Day blog done, partly because of computer problems, probably more because of just still struggling to find the words ... or find the right words from what seems like too many words.
    These are words for me to live by: The cat on my lap always seems in present tense---When I'm petting the cat, I'm always in present tense."
    As always, thanks for sharing. I'm still learning, and I'm grateful for lifelong, passionate teachers.