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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roofing woofing

We get a new roof tomorrow! No more 30 year old wood shakes with a hole in them dug by squirrels and other varmints...some of which you've read about earlier, and one of which died in the walls.

This is the "worst roof" he's seen this past year, the roofer told us. I knew it was bad, but it is so old, like me, that it's not repairable. Fortunately, no leaks yet. And since there is some hail and wind damage, the insurance is going to cover it. So on comes a great new compostition shingle roof. Woof.

Have you ever done roofing? I have, at a rent house in Stillwater, and on a sloped flat roof in Waurika. Always ended up doing it in the heat of the summer, and that can be deadly. I remember son Travis and I added a layer of shingles to the Stillwater house. Started very early and about killed ourselves. Worse part was carrying the heavy things up there. Second worst thing was loading the layer we tore off into a pickup truck and trying to find where to dump them. We couldn't drink enough water, and I think we invented some new profanity.

The roof at the Waurika News-Democrat leaked on a perennial basis, and my partner Don Morrison (who was then my current age) would go up there and try to patch it with tar. I thought he was a damned fool, but he was a great newspaper man, even if he was an OU graduate. Every person who tried to fix that roof failed.

At least the weather will be cooler tomorrow. Woof woof.

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