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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art collection

I don't collect much art from others, primarily because I can't afford it. Also, when you grow up in the home of an artist, you get very picky about what you consider valuable.

But in recent years, I've bought just a few pieces--a watercolor from an Indian on the portales at the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, a small oil at Paseo, and most notably, this sculpture, out of red cedar, of a red tailed hawk by Indian artist Earl Eder at the palace of the Governors. It is remarkable, 13 inches tall, with real turquoise embedded in its breast and on the tail, using the grain of the wood, with significant Indian icons and colors in he base, It stands on a black pedestal in our entryway. I paid $240 for this several years ago visiting my uncle Mike and bought it because it called to me, and Susan and I have a thing about hawks. This past summer I saw more of his work, and the  prices n similar work were already about $500. By the way, Eder, known more for his painting, was once a student of Mike's when Mike taught at the Indian Arts Institute in Santa Fe 30 and more years ago!

I never go to Santa Fe without walking respectfully down the portales at the 400 year old Palace of the Governors, looking at the jewelry and art--where Susan and I bought our wedding rings. then I go to La Fonda and site in the leather chairs in the lobby, where my Dad, Terrence Miller Clark,  sat, with his sketchbook, drawing board and one leg, back in the Depression.

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  1. That is a beautiful sculpture.

    I too have visited the lobby of the La Fonda and sometimes have had a drink in the bar. My mother used to tell me about a section of the hotel that used to be, well, lets just say it has not always been such a high toned place.


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