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Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Tick, tock, paint the clock"

The years go by, at Old North--16 x 20
That's what the flyer said a couple of weeks ago, arriving in my mailbox from the Max Chambers Library here at UCO.
The fundraiser cost $45, and would be held at Paint Your Art Out in downtown Edmond. It obviously referred  to our iconic Old North clock tower on campus, the first higher education building in Oklahoma Territory, erected in 1893. 
I bit, especially since I've painted watercolors of it in the past, and it promised wine and snacks.  And I thought it would be neat, since this is UCO's 125th year.
But this time would be different--using acrylics, something I'd never done before. I was one of 33 people who showed up Friday night, and discovered the outline of Old North already drawn on the canvasses. We used Styrofoam plates as palettes.
Paint Your Art Out painting the clock
Teacher was Jay Tracy, working the crowd step by step through a new painting, with a finished one as model. He's witty, patient and good.
Of course Clark had to do his own thing, having asked to bring my own brushes, and with a previous scene in mind ahead of time. I shoulda followed the crowd and listened to Tracy because I'd learned more though. Acrylics may be water based, but the similarity to watercolor ends there.
Very early view of Old North which inspired my art
Anyway, never much for instructions, I plunged ahead and managed to turn out a painting, which is full of faults, including perspective that is off. But I, and the crowd had fun...lots of laughter and camaraderie.
Paint Your Art Out and other versions are springing up around the metro, but I'm impressed with owners Ben and Renee Deakle who were the first to do it here, starting in 2009. They gracious hosts and  offer classes and other activities, so click on  their website above. 
I think this shows a real hunger for people in this modern, fast paced, too serious and sad world to come together, have fun, and be creative. 

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  1. We have similar outfits here in Tulsa and they are good way to spend some time with friends unplugged since although you are visiting and having a good time, there is work to do also.