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Monday, November 16, 2015

137 countries hitting the blog

I am always amazed when someone from a new country clicks on this blog, and it happened today, making 137 total over the six plus years I've been doing this.
The real accomplishment is that I've maintained this long, and second is the reach of the audience.The third is that there are fewer and fewer untouched countries so the pace3 has slowed down. I suppose I'll never get North Korea. But now I'm hoping for Cuba.
This new reader is from Laos. I would love to know who, why and how, and did that person require the translator gadget?
I'll write later on a continent by continent list, and yes, the flag counter at left is not up to date, because it was added only last year.
Anyway, here's the list of new countries where readers have clicked in since this time last year. And, a map of Laos and its flag. Salute.
  • 11-19-14--Samoa
  • 11-21-14--Angola
  • 1-17-15--Seychelles
  • 1-23-15--Netherlands Antilles
  • 3-5-15-- St. Kitts and Nevis
  • 3-27-15--Bermuda
  • 8-6-15--Montenegro
  • 10-17-15--Burma (Myamar)
  • 10-25-15-Bolivia
  • 11-16--Laos-15
137 total

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