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Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Social media" Bronchos twittering in #clarkclass

UCO's main twitter page. Others are for athletics, etc.
"We want to be the social media university," said Monica K. Helms in #clarkclass, twitter for journalists, today. As social media and web marketing director for UCO, she  and Adrienne Nobles, assistant vice-president in University Relations, brought the class a corporate view of twitter and social media, rounding out this sessions' series of speakers.
Their professionalism and advice about branding UCO and serving students resonated as they talked about problems and successes. It added a different and expanded perspective to the varied and changing uses of twitter and social media, in a changing university and student body, compared to earlier speakers. The main account, @UCO Bronchos, serves during weather and other emergencies as well in helping new students and others feel part of a "UCO family."
I and the students appreciated the humanity and practicality of these two serving UCO. And afterwards, several followed @UCO Bronchos.
So here are the debriefing comments and summary of their comments, mentioned by my  students, recorded by student @JenniferHesel.

  • Be adaptable; be ready to learn; communication is the same basic concept but social media offers new tools
  • Hash tagging UCO acceptance letters is such a smart idea
  • Tips for applying twitter to your job
  • Connecting with students, giving a personality to UCO and being helpful at the same time; nice to know there are people working at UCO that will have a conversation with you
  • Very different from other speakers from the standpoint that they offered ways to use twitter in a corporate environment  and how it should be used when representing your employer
  • “We put the H in Bronchos.”
  • It was nice to see who manages Twitter on campus; a face behind the Twitter account
  • For someone who works in housing/dining, was nice to see the other viewpoint about the management of our social media sites
  • It was interesting to see how they handle fake UCO related Twitter accounts and good to know they manage them in a responsible way
  • As a communicator you need to be adaptable
  • Learning is lifelong
  • It takes skills to successfully manage social media; UCO knows how to use and manage it properly
  • Reasons or purpose in having social media should be considered when beginning a UCO social media site
  • It’s not just about content; it’s about conversations
  • Like the rebranding idea of adding pictures from students to keep it fresh
  • UCO communicates with students using Twitter to stay connected
  • Like the silly posts; nice to know it’s not just a robot at the other end responding to tweets; that it is very human and personable
  • Keep your business your business!  It’s always out there for people to see when you post something
  • You can influence your followers in a positive or negative way
  • “It only takes one match to light a fire.”
  • The benefits of social media far outweigh the potential liability
  • Make social media a part of your integrated marketing plan
  • We can count on communication in general to evolve
  • “What you post has to be authentic.”
  • The way people feel about social media will dictate where it goes
That's all for this session, folks. @Okieprof, #clarkclass


  1. Dang I'm getting a heck of an education for free. My employer's policy is that only the CEO or his designate can speak for the company. That kind of puts a big ole huge wet blanket on the whole twitter thing. I think they are missing the boat but that is not my pay grade to worry about.

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