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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All a-twitter for "Blogstone" for Coffee w/ Clark

Yesterday's "blogstone" for Coffee with Clark
Coffee with Clark reached a "blogstone" yesterday--more than 7,000 page views in a calendar month. That's a long way from May 2009 when it started. And a short and  accelerating way from December, when it passed 5,000, surpassing 6,000 in January.
This month was also the month with the fourth most posts since 2009. Of course, part of those were rerunning the story of the Booth, so maybe that doesn't count, but it did build traffic.
What really catches attention is my @Okieprof Twitter for Journalists #clarkclass. How do I know?
The post about Sara Cowan @DeluxeOK "Thinking in tweets--revolutionaries in #clarkclass" was the most popular of the month so far, with 119 page views.

Here are the numbers:
  •  7,039--May page views at early yesterday.
  • 6,645--Previous high month, January, 2014
Total page views--136,645, compared to 105,000+in December.

While I've had readers in almost 130 countries, here are the countries with most page views:

United States
United Kingdom

Blog posts per year
  • 2009--339
  • 2010--292
  • 2011--135
  • 2012--203
  • 2013--252
  • 2014--147 so far
Months with most posts
  • August, 2009--76
  • July, 2009--70
  • January, 2010--57
  • May, 2014--48, so far
  • April, 2010--47
  • December, 2013--39
Day with most page views
  • Dec, 23, 2013--532! A watercolor "Christmas eve journey"
Most popular post of all time
  • 2670 page views--All aboard for Bartlesville , October, 2010 (I have no idea why)
  • Actually top six posts of all time include the words "All aboard." Lots of train buffs?
My favorite and most creative posts--helping earn the Okie Blog Best Writing in the State Award in 2009
  •  "The Booth is a verb"--More than 10,000 words in multiple chapters telling the story of the booth and my friend, the late Bob Illidge, from 2009, repeated this month.

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