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Friday, May 16, 2014

Success from failure in PR for #clarkclass

Rob Crissinger, @rcrissinger, UCO grad and  PR pro for Bumbershoot PR, says he has a dream job, working in his dream job promoting the energetic arts and entertainment scene in OKC. He spoke to my Twitter for Journalists #clarkclass @Okieprof today, and thrilled and inspired the students with his personal experiences and journey to that job.
It's not your father's public relations or journalism job any more, which he said has changed as radically as OKC has since he graduated here in 2003. His stories included music, soccer, corporate PR, and more. He admits to having wanted to leave OKC, came back and says he loves it.
Here's a summary of student comments and his advice as we debriefed after he was gone, recorded by @JenniferHasel.
  • Could relate to him and how he’s used his degree in an exciting way gave new perspective for possibilities for careers in OKC
  • He explained how the city is changing; didn't realize that the city was changing that much 
  • Loved how he is so involved in what is going on in Oklahoma City
  • He follows people to find out what’s going on
  • He reads the papers and social media every day to stay in the loop and start conversations
  • Super genuine 
  • He's been through corporate life and worked at big PR firms and he's used those experiences to learn and get to a place in his career where he can be himself and work for others that are the genuine too. 
  • He is authentic and says authenticity is the key
  • Failure is a huge part of being authentic
  • He's learned from his failures and says if you haven't failed it’s hard to be authentic
  • He advises to be engaged--go to events and be part of the atmosphere to know what's going on 
  • He looks for something to tweet about
  • His involvement with the community and the effectiveness of social marketing
  • He says "hype is the enemy of excitement"
  • Be honestly excited about something
  • Authenticity rules right now
  • Do things that seem crazy and take risks 
  • When you email people don’t waste time trying to find out if they got the message, just wait for opportunities in conversations 
  • He researches people so he knows who they are, what they like and what will get their attention and then he knows what to say to get their buy in or to create excitement
  • He says "everybody is a content producer"
  • Learned a lot about PR from his presentation
  • He didn't like his job but recognizes that it helped get him where he is now
  • He gave a lot of small tips on how to engage people
  • He encourages clients to tell why their excited and get him excited so he can promote the project
  • Soccer balls dropped into the park as a marketing tool
  • Get to know who client’s audience is by going and watching to see who is on the front row and most interested and then finding ways to target those people
  • How doing something really out of character was liberating and gave him the power to feel like he could do anything and that there were no boundaries
  • The perspective that if you're not using Twitter you're not using your resources as a journalist or PR person
  • If you’re not in the middle of everything you are lost 
  • “You need to listen more than you talk”
  • The way he is introducing a whole new side of Oklahoma
  • OKC is making a radical transformation
  • “You have to be using Twitter if you're journalist or PR person or you're going to be left behind.”
  • “There's no such thing as a news cycle anymore”
  • You get to know the difference between real talent and BS 
  • Use Twitter to connect with the segment that's highly engaged and go to those people to get them excited
  • He's not trying to sell to journalists; he tries to make their job easier
  • Hand-deliver media package and wait; use first blog hit to share and tag people to get them excited and then thank the people who help
  • Market to build excitement so that people are talking about your project
  • Do things that are unexpected in areas where your target audience is going to be to create excitement.
Comparison with other speakers
  • All of the speakers were genuine, passionate and love what they do. 
  • They have had different kinds of jobs, done different things before they got where they are now. 
  • They all kept it real and believe that failure helps you learn.  
  • They are all very well read and know what's going on.
  • They're all well read

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