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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Twitterculture' countess quotes in #clarkclass

This is #clarkclass, Twitter for Journalists, captured on Vine by @MyJrny, Sheri Guyse, today's speaker, a maven of media, music and more in Oklahoma City's "twitter culture," as she called it. To me, she's sort of a countess to that culture, committed to changing and improving OKC, many of whom have spoken to this class. These people use twitter and other social media as naturally as they speak. 
Sheri, a  favorite UCO ex-student who is communications director for Good Egg Dining Group, wowed the students with her almost low-key wit and wisdom from her extremely active and varied life. She spent very little time talking about twitter, and much more about music, business, learning, life. Almost everything she said was was quotable. 
@Okieprof in #clarkclass, by @MyJrny
There's also a sly side to her, almost mischievous, in some of her answers, and by her clandestine photos of the class and me. She has fun, and as with several of our speakers, as the class has noted, its built on some past pain and problems and setbacks.
She's also a philosopher. I asked her if there was any other advice for the class, and she blurted out something that just stunned people. You could hear the  group astonishment.
"Fear is an illusion," she said.
After she left, we debriefed, as usual, and the comments below, recorded by student @JenniferHasel, are intriguing. I'm going to add some separate tweets from the students in another post, showing more of her advice.
My best classes are where the old geezer, @okieprof, is also learning, and I usually do when my former students are around. Thanks @MyJrny.

Here's the debriefing:

  • She had a lot of good points and good things to say like how she promotes music in addition to her food industry job; she has a lot on her plate but she finds a way to do it all
  • She has a cool outlook on life; she thinks out-of-the-box; she makes a music venue out of her house; she's a creative thinker
  • She uses social media in an effective way, she is relaxed and gives free reign to her social media manager; she uses social media in a creative and genuine way that pays off
  • She has her managers use Twitter as a storytelling tool with pictures; she doesn't use it as a marketing tool
  • She said that no idea is original but she seems so original; she's so genuine and she makes everything seem like her original thought
  • She's an example of how powerful social media is using it the way she does for her company and not having to spend money on traditional advertising
  • “Learn as much as you can; of all that I learned here I wish I had learned so much more.” 
  • You can learn from anything you do
  • “You might be the heaven-sent solution to a problem when they haven't even had time to think about the problem; you could be their solution.”
  • She doesn’t use Twitter as a marketing tool but more as a listening device to listen to her customers and get feedback
  • She created her job; she's relateable and she made her connections through Twitter
  • Twitter is not a distraction; it's where a community exists
  • She conveys that you should find the opportunity out there, take risks, take crazy opportunities, and get out of your comfort zone
  • She is making and living her own destiny, she doesn’t work to live, she lives to work, she loves what she is doing and it’s part of who she is
  • Everything she said was quotable
  • Regarding Twitter, “we're all here for the same reason—to connect.”
  • Regarding her job at Good Egg “It's fun to tell the story of awesomeness.”
  • “Oklahoma City has this really great Twitter culture happening.”
  • Regarding music artists, “They're giving you their art and that art deserves your attention.”
  • “There is no way to change the culture other than to start at the roots.”
  • “My biggest challenge is myself-- to only bite off what I can chew.”
  • “There is a certain kind of magic that happens in an intimate music setting.”
  • “I started getting brave about five years ago.”
  • “I didn't want to have a tiny life; I wanted to have this great big life.”
  • “I took more risks; I put myself out there.”
  • “I'm a self-improvement junkie.”
  • “If you can be fully present in your life, you'll experience serious amounts of joy.”
  • “Fear is an illusion.”
  • “Never click a link in a DM.”
  • “Be nice; be good, because the good will come back to you.”
  • “Go to Tuckers; get yourself a burger; it will change your life.”
  • “Have a wholehearted experience, show up.”
  • She tells lots of stories
  • She said “This is me out-doing Dave Rhea,” and then she read Roosevelt's “Man in the Arena.”
Books and Authors recommended
  • The Power of Now
  • What Color is Your Parachute?
  • Things a Little Bird Told Me
  • Brene Brown
  • E. Tolle
Comparison/Things the speakers have in common
  • They all say to be nice
  • They are all having fun
  • Their work is part of their life and they love what they are doing
  • They all believe in self-development
  • They all like to learn
  • They embrace themselves
  • They all use their unique qualities to be successful in their work
  • They all have the attitude of “graduate, get out there, find out who you are”
  • They ignite you; they make you think

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