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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flags for the graves, please

Final port of call, Santa Fe National Cemetery
Santa Fe
I can't be in Santa Fe to place an American flag on the grave of my uncle Mike  in the national cemetery this Memorial Day. 
But if memory serves me right, from visiting Vicksburg National Cemetery a few years ago, and at Gettysburg, flags decorate every veterans grave...the original decoration day. 
But there are also probably tens of thousands of private cemeteries around the country where veterans are buried, and some hardy, dedicated souls will give of their own time and money to honor those vets with a flag, but not all. 
That's also true of Confederate cemeteries, and graves of Confederate veterans scattered across the country, including here in Oklahoma,  one only a couple of miles from my house. 
snap a salute, and remember them this Memorial Day weekend.
Confederate grave at Johnsonville, OK
Veterans graves at Santa Fe National Cemetery

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