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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toast to the Booth, end of the semester

"Toast to The Booth"
Yea, verily, a fair number of colleagues, some fair, some fairer than others, and some, like The Clark, not so fair, "Boothed" recently, honoring the close of the semester, telling stories, laughing, and washing away the tears and grit and frustrations of micromanaging administrators, higher education's red tape,  and lazy students at UCO.
For those of ye gentiles who may still be ignorant of the ways, and the story of the Booth and how Booth is a verb, The Clark urges you to read the several preceding chapters on this blog.
While the location of the Booth has changed, and continues to be fluid as the beverages served, know ye well that the  first toast of the evening will  be "To Bob," co-founder of "The Booth" in 2002. 
Friend, colleague, worthy cribbage opponent, and heart of the old Journalism Department, Bob Illidge who died nine years ago, is since toasted and remembered with laughter and stories and tears every time we "Booth," and often when we don't, as long as there is a nearby "adult beverage" as he would call it.
Herewith is attached a small watercolor, in honor of all those Booths past, and to come.

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