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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Of Sunday sails, stories and friends

Spend Sunday without stress? The best way is to have a generous friend with a sailboat.
 Susan and I got to spend two hours aboard the 25-foot Shamrock, captained by Ted Streuli with his son Raymond serving as first mate.
Two hours of peace. The only sound was a gentle wind, the gurgling of the wake behind the board, a few waves--other than the noisemakers in big speed boats and on jet skis, hurrying around befouling the air and peace instead of slowing down. But Memorial Day weekend  at Lake Thunderbird east of Norman was low key this year, not many boats out.
Sailing is addictive, even for this drylander, and accompanying Ted and Raymond also brings up casual stories of sailing, living and journalism. But most of all you enjoy the weather, the scenery, the wind and water.The weather was just right, partly cloudy, a few sprinkles part of the time, glimpses of sunshine, but no glare, no heat, and a gentle breeze.

Ted and Raymond easing The Shamrock into its slip with earlier guests.

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  1. Sailing with friends is like playing golf, minus the aggravation of golfing. You get to enjoy one another's company in a beautiful environment without the distractions of squealing brakes, talking heads and bleeping phones. And sometimes, there is wine.

    Thanks for coming out!


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