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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Energetic advice on twitter, life for #clarkclass

Heide Brandes @HeideWrite kept the class laughing and learning with her boundless energy, frank advice and many "unquoteable" quotes in twitter for journalists #clarkclass today. She was talking about far more than just twitter, but also about freelance writing, belly dancing, the sex life of possums, and other topics. She left us a list of 12 tips for twitter, which sounded more like life advice (one of them--"be nice").
For the record, this UCO grad worked for newspapers in Madill, Duncan and Moore, before working in public relations for the Salvation Army. Then a year and a half ago she quit to follow a dream and freelance full time. That's a huge risk, and she's been more than successful. Why? She is a very good writer, she has boundless energy and a great attitude.
After she left,  we debriefed with each student chiming in. Here's a summary, compiled by #clarkclass student @JenniferHasel:
  • She is hilarious, loved her and how she embraces herself and doesn’t care what other people think
  • Inspiring, lots of fun, and lots of energy
  • Failure is important--learn from it
  • Her quirkiness helps her in her work
  • “You will regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did do”
  • She has passion and energy 
  • Twitter is a microscopic view of life 
  • Twitter belongs to the people--it is defined by the users
  • You can get three stories from every subject
  • Everything she does she relates to her work, even vacations or visiting people and places.
  • Twitter is your portfolio- use it to market yourself
  • She doesn't have to sell herself--work finds her
  • Help other people--it’s not just about yourself
  • Use the last four words of the what the person said with a question mark at the end to generate more discussion
  • She has a passionate personality and positive attitude 
  • Everyone has a story and it’s an important story to tell, but it's your job to make their story heard and interesting
  • She uses Twitter to network and promote links to her work
  • Be comfortable in your own skin--don’t be shy about asking
  • She's been successful yet kept her code of ethics 
  • Follow people you admire or want to connect with
  • She's genuine and stands up for herself 
  • Attitude is everything--if you expect life to suck, it will, if you expect it to be great, it will
  • She makes everything a story
  • She opened up a new idea for me to consider, brought me a new perspective on journalism
  • The way she talks reflects the way she writes-she doesn't follow a script
  • She knows how to tell a story
  • Be part of your community-if you’re not being yourself in your community then you're really not part of your community all
  • People can tell if you're not being genuine-you're better at being you than anyone else
  • “Be positive- nobody wants to hear a Debbie downer or an Eyore”
  • Use Twitter to have other people market you
  • She markets herself solely through social media, using Twitter to post links to clips that are parked on her website
  • “Be nice-don't be the guy that hides behind the Internet”
  • Listen-it's our job to listen
  • Be flexible to let the story become what it is, not what you want it to be
  • If you try to force it, it’s not going to be a great story 
  • Be visible, be heard, be obvious
  • “Make somebody’s day”
  • “Be likeable”
  • “Make a difference”
  • Tell them why you're on Twitter through your bio 
  • Twitter can make you a better writer--it helps you be concise
  • Don't compromise yourself--it’s more important to be able to sleep at night 
  • Have your career but don't give up your passion
Comparison with @MikeSherman
  • They both have the same philosophy on attitude 
  • They both told us to be genuine and be yourself
  • They both use Twitter as a tool for life
  • They both said to be a human being before being a journalist
  • Both believe you should have a footprint on twitter and use it to post about your work
  • They both said to own up to mistakes, apologize, learn and move on

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