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Saturday, May 17, 2014

No mail today, watercolor

No mail today, 8 by 10 watercolor, 300 #d'Arches
Coming up empty...a perfect day for en plein air painting, and to get out of the city, to less traveled roads, searching for subjects to paint. 
I take Saturdays to do that sometimes, and mainly to get out of the city and congestion and speed. I need space, and today I headed southwest of the city. east of the city are lots of trees. My last trip northwest was wide open yes, but not much to paint within at least 25 miles because of new houses and subdivisions cropping ump.
Alas, today was not much different. I followed ended up in subdivision after subdivision in eastern Mustang, followed Council Road south to a dead end, and except for a few old barns shrouded in trees and underbrush came up empty of interesting subjects. Today's new houses are cookie cutters without character. Depressing and frustrating. 
But along one roadside was an old rural mailbox. I couldn't stop to take a photo because of traffic coming and on my tail, even in "the country." But I remember. It was probably empty, but it helped fill my day. And it was painted en plein air, on my back porch.

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