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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"The Wild West" in #clarkclass

UCO broadcast professor Desiree Hill @dezhill has become a partner in ideas and enthusiasm for our changing professions, and her presentation to #clarkclass today  underscored that.
Get over the idea that all professors are traditional, old-fashioned set-in-their-ways know-it-alls. Desiree says most traditional media use new media in traditional ways, but she is not one of those, and is always learning and changing. 
She is a newshound, which is about as high on my list as you can get, because she always brings practical advice, sincere interaction with individual students and passion for what we do in teaching and in journalism. I especially appreciate her advice on writing for twitter, on the importance of journalism in a democracy, and her commitment to students. 
Every time I hear this terrific teacher speak, I learn stuff and get ideas for teaching. I hope we can eventually work this into a team teaching project. We know we're on the threshold of something constantly changing that is exciting and invigorating.
I learned something else this week, when @MyJrny took photos of the class, and of me. I need to start taking photos of these speakers  to add to the volumes of material and possible articles coming out of #clarkclass. I followed through with @DeluxeOk, but didn't get Desire's pix. Ah well, next time.
Here are the students' comments as we debriefed after @dezhill's comments, recorded by  @JenniferHasel.

  • Have something to say and produce content
  • Know who you are on twitter (twitter cloud)
  • Don’t’ be a hero at first or you’ll become a zero
  • Transmit information that suits you
  • “We are all our own newsroom.”
  • Twitter is your image
  • Be cautious
  • Developing news is always on-going news
  • She said that we (the students) are becoming the experts and there will always be continuous change
  • She presented more of what was expected in the class; things such as tips and proper use
  • Look at social media policies
  • Have developing stories
  • You can’t be all things to all people
  • Humor is subjective so be careful with it
  • Twitter will make you a better writer
  • Being a communicator, you can’t be all over the place
  • Have two twitter accounts (personal and professional)
  • “We all need to edit ourselves.”
  • Don’t have a tweet fight, nothing good comes of it
  • Journalism in social media is like chasing the greased pig
  • Use twitter for immediacy/breaking is the key
  • Twitter images will separate the best from the average
  • Referring to Twitter, “We’re never going to get caught up.”
  • “You ought to have a different assignment board for social media.”
  • Writing should be customized for Twitter
  • Be specific with serious tweets
  • Know the rules of your employer regarding social media
  • “Tweeting is good for you.”
  • “You have the ability to call people out.”
  • “You can have opinions that are valuable.”
  • “It’s like the Wild West; it’s this new frontier.”
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