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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Wrinkled but 'peppery'

"Peppery," 5 x 7 watercolor birthday card

A friend once quipped that the wine I liked, red Zinfindel, matched my personality..."peppery." Now that was a compliment, worth a smile.

It fits, and I thought of that working on a watercolor birthday card today.

The more years, the more wrinkles, drier skin...and I thought of those iconic New Mexico red chile ristras, hanging from a viga on an adobe wall.

Now as an aging  person you might not be as hot as once, depending on the climate and years and personality, but you definitely will be spicier, peppery. Plenty of taste and character from living and memories...depending on the years and experiences.

Today's watercolor greeting card, some of my favorite colors--adobe, azure New Mexico sky, bright sunlight, and...something spicy.

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