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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pressing business--More coffee culp talk

I don't know how you put out a newspaper without coffee. It is the drug of choice, although tobacco and alcohol have given it a run-- in meeting the pressure of deadlines and snippy editors and long hours late at night.

Actually, these are the coffee mugs and cups I collect on purpose. (Need more--hint-hint). I think these may be going the way of the freebies the banks used to give out however.

I have another to post that you'll have to wait on, from The Nome Alaska Nugget. I had a terrific student at OSU years ago who interned there. Stayed at a nunnery. She could actually see Russia.
I sorta appropriated the Journal Record cup when I worked there in May. I did ask, but if they'd said "No," journalists are great at finding freebies.

The last cup is from the National Writers' Conference we hosted at UCO thanks to The Oklahoman. Get, it's been 12 years?

Next chapter will be related to these.

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  1. I like seeing the National Writers' Workshop cup -- I designed it! Can't believe it has been 12 years.
    --Beverly Bryant