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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holy Ground

Old cemeteries captivate me, and the little campo santo at the small church at Canoncito at Apache Canyon, where the old Santa Fe Trail emerged from Glorieta Pass is one of them. Most people zoom by on I-25 on their 75 mph way to Santa Fe just around the bend, ignoring the exit and perhaps only seeing the church out of the corner of their eye, if at all.

Huddled by the old Las Vegas highway, it is one of those places you have to want to go, and on my recent spiritual return to Santa Fe, it seemed an appropriate delay to the traffic of Santa Fe. And here I found wonderful old headstones, and weathered wooden crosses, with inscriptions in Spanish. Most of the burials seem to have been before New Mexico statehood, and only about 40 years after the Civil War battle was fought nearby. Oh the stories that could be told.  Life was much slower then. Stopping here slowed me down.


  1. Great post. I love old cemeteries, any cemeteries, really, I find them interesting, comforting, and reassuring, and sometimes very sad.

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