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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heading to Hafer

The narrow path home
I can walk through our neighborhood and down a path between houses and through woods to arrive in Hafer Park. With the mild winter, it's hard to come up with a legitimate excuse for not going there to walk, and to observe the multitudes who use the park.
I go without listening to an ipod plugging my ears, and by the time I've followed the trails and come back home, it's a two mile jaunt, filling the senses with sounds of birds and bugs and squirrels, and mental photos of all kinds of people enjoying life.
There's ample space to be alone and think and wonder as well.
You see young  parents with babies in strollers, or watching children climbing on playground equipment, girls and boys swinging, kids on skateboards, teens playing guitars on a sunny day, and talking to the opposite sex, youngsters and no-so-youngsters fishing, children trying to feed the ducks, joggers of all ages, some huffing and puffing and seating and others not even winded, people picnicking or reading, and walkers like me galore, some talking, some as families, lots with their dogs. And more images than "you could shake a stick at."
Here are a few.

A walk in the park makes you smile, lowers your blood pressure, and stimulates all your senses, no matter the season.

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