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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paintings for grandchildren

How do you tell grandchildren how much they mean to you?
Especially when you're miles apart, and they're grown up and may not remember you when you're gone and they're grown up.
I remember little of my grandparents, and my children have specific memories of their wonderful mother's mother who is still living and treasured by them all, and a few of those long passed, of their mother's father, and a few of my mother, and very few of my father. That's the way of the world and generations, spread across the miles. I have few memories of my grandparents.
I hope I live long enough for my grandchildren to have specific memories of me, and a few of them already do. But that is one reason I've decided that they should have some specific memory of me... I don't think of it as selfish, but as a connection, that who we are. That's why I've given paintings to five of the grandchildren this year, and why I will soon paint with another granddaughter, and give paintings to others, in Germany this spring.

Here are the  5" by 7" watercolor paintings my grandchildren, Erin, Abby and Max Bell, Liberty and Barrett Clark will have for the rest of  their lives. reminding them of a granddad who loved them and thought they were so special.

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