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Friday, March 8, 2013

A flag of a poor but feisty and free country

Readers of my blog come from countries often in the news, and especially these past few days, when the government of Moldava collapsed and the prime minister resigned, with charges of corruption helping bring the end to the government.
I have no idea why citizens of that very poor, but country of a long history, read the blog, but it heartens me that they do, and have the gumption to overturn a government not serving them.
The region goes back to the 14th Century and was independent until 1859 when it became part of Romania. Since then it's been part of Romania, the Ottoman Empire, and in the 20th Century, it was one of the socialist republics of the USSR. With that collapse it became an independent republic in 1991. In recent years it has tried to move away from Russian influence to try to join the European Union, but this latest news is a setback for that, since the communist party was instrumental in the ousting of the prime minister. The country is also very dependent on Russia for many citizens work in Russia.  That's the news in a nutshell, and you can check the link at the bottom for Reuters' report on the events.
The country is divided with some territory in Romania and  some in the Ukraine, but still it is free and feisty. Its flag is identical to the Romanian flag, except it carries the country's coat of arms in the middle.

News link on the government turmoil:

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