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Friday, October 4, 2013

You can't trust science

They get out of a soft bed--science--when the alarm clock goes off--science.
They flick a switch--science--and electric lights--science--come on.
They turn on the shower and hot, pressured water--science--comes out.
They dry off with an absorbent towel--science.
They  put on manufactured clothes--science--many shipped from overseas--science.
They turn on the TV--science--to check the weather forecast--science--and look at the radar map--science. 
They walk on stain-resistant carpet--science--to the kitchen where they open a refrigerator--science--, take out some pasteurized milk--science--and pour it into a plastic bowel--science--with some government-inspected cereal--science.
They brush their teeth with a plastic toothbrush--science--and cavity-fighting toothpaste--science.
They put on their glasses--science--and pour purified water--science--into a glass--science--and take their prescription medicine--science.
They turn down the thermostat--science--on the air-conditioning--science, knowing that the well-built house--science and its insulation--science--will keep it cool.
They grab a ceramic cup--science--and warm up yesterday's coffee from the coffeemaker--science--by putting it in the microwave--science.
They open the garage door by toughing a button--science, get in their car and start the gasoline--science--engine--science--with a key--science. They put the transmission--science--in reverse, and the tires--science--roll backward, onto the concrete driveway--science. They touch a button and the garage door goes down--science.
They drive down the paved street--science--over a bridge that supports the car's weight--science-- and stop at the red traffic light--science, until  it turns--science.  They see a jetliner flying--science--toward the airport. 
 They turn on the radio--science--and tune into a satellite news station--science. They hear that 97 percent of climate scientists agree humans are causing world climate change, as reported on a NASA website--science.
They hear about Oklahoma's two senators saying climate change is a hoax, and Creationists who think the world was created in six days 6,000 years ago getting on the Texas school textbook board, all claiming you can't trust science.  

NASA Web site 

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