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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gridiron foolery, at the bottom of the barrel

The Oklahoma City Gridiron show has been around since 1928, raising thousands of dollars for college journalism student scholarships by putting on an annual show poking fun at politicians, national, state and local.
Members of the club are either journalists, current, former or retired and they put long hours into rehearsals for the three day show. That follows long hours of script writing, and adapting popular songs to the script. It's all volunteer work, with lots of fun, comedy  and satire, and musical parody of politics and politicans.
Every year the club adds new members, and in an act of desperation, members conned me into joining. It proves you can find a fool at the  bottom of any barrel. You can come to the show this year and see me make even more of a fool of myself.
I only have a few minor parts, and fittingly ironic, two of them are Republican politicos. The other actually requires me to sing a short song, I the man of such musical talent that my friends pay me not to even try to sing. Actually, I'm honored to be included, because I think I'm the only college professor in the club--they probably count me as a journalist, and I'm fine with that for sure.
At any rate, rehearsals have already started--Sunday afternoons, and some Tuesdays and Thursdays.
You can buy tickets, learn the history of the club, and see photos of previous shows on the Oklahoma City Gridiron Website.


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