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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reunion--Cousins 'n more

Terry Clark, Sara Beth Lutrick Foote, Jerry Clark, Brenda Gee Reed and Bob Foote
First cousins--Culps...our fourth reunion in 20 years, was sad and joyful this time for several reasons. The memory  of our cousin Sandi Russell, tragically killed two weeks ago, was on all our minds. But we still shared stories and old photos and good times. 
Since the last reunion, our oldest cousin, Charles Rogers Lutrick, has also passed. And two of our cousins, Lindy and David Culp, couldn't come because their mother, Lamerle, our last surviving parent, fell and broke her hip. Two other of the Gee girls, Charlotte and Carolyn couldn't make it either. But Sandi's children and grandchildren did, as did Carolyn's daughter Gail, and Brenda's daughter Lindsey lives there in Austin with her mother Brenda.  We treasure the moments, aware of mortality, and the joys of being alive and related.
The Culps--Grandparents Ezra Thomas and Sophia Elizabeth Beard Culp. Their children: Vera Pollock--born 1903, Gladys Lutrick--born 1908, Faye Clark--born 1909, Ima Gee--born 1911, J.C. Culp--born 1916, E.T. Culp--born 1918.
Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, Tex

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  1. Family reunions is great idea because the time fly very fast.


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